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Spa Retreat

Massage Treatments

Let us help you to relax with one of our amazing massage treatments.

Just a friendly reminder, our massages are performed by estheticians not registered massage therapists.

  • Swedish Relaxation Technique
    • A system of long strokes kneading and frictioning over the more superficial layers of the muscle combined with active and passive movements over the joints.

    • Full Body ~ 60 mins$65
    • Back, Neck & Shoulders ~ 30 mins$45
  • Hot Stone Massage
    • A comforting treatment with hot basalt stones. This massage is done with stones as well as with hands. There is also placement of stones on specific areas of the body. A stomach and face massage with hot and cold stones are also offered with this treatment, but are optional.

    • Full Body ~ 75 mins$115
    • Back, Neck & Shoulders ~ 40 mins$60

Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments are designed for men and women and are customized for your specific skin conditions.

All facials begin with a light massage to relax the body, continuing with a hand and arm massage.

  • AGE Smart Treatment ~ 60 mins$85
    • A specific formulation of potent vitamins and hydroxy acids to resurface and regenerate prematurely ageing, mature and devitalized skin.

  • UltraCalming Treatment ~ 60 mins$75
    • A specific formulation of soothing ingredients that brings relief from red, irritated and sensitized skin.

  • Back Facial ~ 45 mins$60
    • Designed for the much neglected and hard to reach back and shoulder area. This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and tones the skin as well as removes impurities, rebalances the skin and restores elasticity.

  • Chromawhite TRx Treatment ~ 60 mins$75
    • A specific formulation of botanical extracts that help treat and prevent hyper-pigmentation.

  • MediBac Clearing Treatment ~ 60 mins$75
    • A specific formulation that professionally treats adult acne of deep cleansing, calming and oil free ingredients.

  • Express Facial ~ 30 mins$60
    • For those who are short on time yet are looking for a beauty refresher. Suitable for all skin types. This treatment is designed to help maintain smooth, well hydrated skin.

Tint & Wax Treatments


  • Lash Tint$20
  • Brows Tint$15

Facial Waxing:

  • Eye Brows$10
  • Upper Lips$6
  • Chin$10
  • Sides of Face$15
  • Full Face$35

Body Waxing:

  • Stomach$15
  • Back$35+
  • Chest$35+
  • Half Arms$20
  • Full Arms$35+
  • Half Legs$30
  • Full Legs$50+
  • Under Arms$15
  • Fingers/Toes$10
  • Bikini$20
  • Brazilian/LA$45

Makeup Applications

  • We provide a variety of Makeup Applications, for that special night out or just to pamper yourself. Why not you deserve it!

    Please contact us to find out more information. Call for Pricing

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